Welcome to my Blender page. Here you can find some of the custom script's I have written.



Mixamo FBX Import Script

This script is for blender 2.76

Click here to download the script

*** Note: This is my very first blender script. It is working for me on my machine. If you have any problems please email me - phill_proctor@growlybearproductions.com

Here is an example of what happens when I try to import an FBX file from Mixamo. Keep in mind that as of this writing Mixamo is transitioning to Adobe so this problem may or may not exist later and this script may or may not help.

As you can see, the mesh is not in the correct orientation and is much larger than the armature.



This causes "Creepy Hands"


The way I found to fix it is to unselect the armeture, rotate the mesh on the X axis 90° and then scale to .01. I have many Mixamo character's I am working on so this ends up being a royal pain. For that reason I wrote a script that will do all that work for you when you select the file.

To use the script:

Download the file and un-zip it. Save the Import_Mixamo_FBX.py to your blender add-on's directory. Go into the User Preferences and find it under Import/Export and look for Mixamo FBX Import. Check it and save the setings

Now that it enabled look under file -> import export for Import Mixamo FBX (usually at the bottom)

You will be asked to select the FBX file just like any other file import. Select your file, wait a few seconds for the script to run and your mesh should now be imported properly. As you can see below shape key's even work! (I opened his mouth a bit). You can also use the action editor to assign other mixamo animations to the armature. I am working on a control rig script next.